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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to take my CNA tests there?

We are so glad you want to take your state certified test with us! To schedule yourself for a test at Angel Wings Testing Center, you will need to sign on to the TMU Headmaster website or click here. Then select the next available date for Fort Smith Angel Wings Testing Center and we will see you soon!

How long does it take to get my test results back?

In most situations, test results are visible on the TMU Headmaster website around 7PM on the day you took your test. In some situations, it could take additional time, but this is normal. Our team sends your skill observations over immediately after you complete your test to reduce any down time to get you your results fast.

What should I bring with me for my test?

Be sure to bring your Photo ID that has your photo and signature on it. We will verify the spelling of your name and expiration date upon arrival. For other questions on how to prepare you can see the Skills Testing sheet or Knowledge Testing sheet.

Do you do any other testing or services?

Presently we only provide state certified CNA testing for both skills lab and knowledge lab. But keep coming back as we will have more services available in the near future!

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